How to remove old stains on clothes

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How to get rid of old stains on clothes?

Our clothes are exposed to various materials that cause stains on clothes. If you wash the clothes after staining them, the stains will be easily cleaned and sanitized.

But if the stains remain on the clothes for a while and dry, they turn into old stains that are not easy to remove, but this is not impossible using the methods we have presented in this section, and you can Get rid of all kinds of old stains.

Clean all old stains with baking soda

It is handy for removing old baking soda stains. Mix four tablespoons of baking soda with a quarter cup of lukewarm water to form a paste, then apply the paste to the stain with a small brush and allow to dry. Now remove the dried dough and wash the clothes.

Wipe old clothes stains

How to remove stains that are fixed and old and can not be removed with any detergent is: Mix two tablespoons of washing powder, three tablespoons of vinegar, and one liter of warm water and mix the stain with We wash it.


Use sodium bicarbonate to remove old stains

Many products on the market are oxygen stains or oxygen bleach that you can get from health food stores. Choose powdered types of these products that contain high percentages of potassium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate.

Choose a suitable container according to the size of the clothes or sheets, etc., and fill this container with hot water because oxygen bleaches need hot water to work. Pour enough water to immerse the garment in water completely.


Remove stains on clothes

Each type of stain product has a specific recipe for use due to different combinations, so read these instructions carefully before using them. Then pour the right amount of substance into warm water and stir to dissolve faster.

Dip the stained part of the clothes into the solution and put the clothes in it for 30 minutes. If you want to get a better result, keep the clothes in the solution for 5 to 6 hours.

To reduce the activity of the bleaching chemical due to the gradual cooling of the water, add a little hot water to the solution several times.

After the stain disappears completely, wash the clothes as usual, and when washing, add a little sodium carbonate to the water to remove the old stains altogether. If parts of the stain remain after washing and rinsing, use the oxygen bleach again.


Cleaning old sweat stains on clothes

To clean old sweat stains, powder three uncoated aspirin tablets with the back of a spoon, dissolve in half a cup of lukewarm water, and then soak the stained part of the clothes in this solution for two to three hours and then wash it.

Clean old blood stains on clothes

The best substance for removing old blood stains is a substance used to crisp meat in barbecues because it breaks down the protein structure. Mix one tablespoon of this substance with two tablespoons of water and apply the resulting paste on the stain and wait for five minutes, then wash the clothes and if it does not work, repeat this process and wait longer.

To remove old bloodstains, wet the clothes with freezing water, apply soap on the stain, wait a few minutes, pour cold water on the stain from a long distance, and then wash them.


Cleaning old grass stains on clothes

To clean old grass stains, pour some white vinegar into a container and soak the clothes’ stained part in it for 30 minutes. The amount of vinegar should be such that the stain is immersed in it. Then wash the clothes and if there are stains, do the same again before drying the clothes.


Cleaning old ink stains on clothes

To remove old ink stains, place a paper towel under the stained area and spray it with alcohol-containing moke spray, and when it is still wet, wipe the stain with a clean, white cloth. Do this several times to remove the stain altogether and then wash the clothes.

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